Unique dance-jobs on Octoberfest 2017 in top Clubs

Dance-Jobs on Octoberfest
Champagner party in the best Tabledance Club Munich

Exotic dance-jobs on Octoberfest 2017 in the best Tabledance Club Munich

It’s hard to get  dance-jobs on Octoberfest  in any of the luxurious clubs; however, our Exotic Dancers Agency will give you the contract and chance to earn a great salary this season. The tabledace clubs of Munich are crowded with wealthy people from all over the world on Octoberfest. Champagner Parties start after a common Festival at about 10 p.m. and last all night long till the morning. Its hard to imagine, but the guests of tabledance clubs during the Octoberfest are queue up to get the lap-dance or moreover a separe-lounge. Thats why usually all Octoberfests‘ lists are already complete and overcrowded by dancer, and only our Agency has special contacts to promote you as a dancer during this period and help to get super dance-jobs!

Join us today by sending a request form on „apply for a job“ or text us in WhatsApp.

SweetBerry Exotic Dancers Recruitment Agency

Are you a bold, beautiful and ambitious woman who is able to do a pole dance, striptease or lap dances? SweetBerry Exotic Dancers Agency will give you an opportunity to display your dance and earn from it handsomely.
Our Agency is a globally recognized group that offers the best girls to champagne party and clubs visited by rich and respected men. We give you the opportunity to work in the best Tabledance Clubs in Europe and beyond and in the process secure a good payed job. Our aim is to develop your dance job in all fields of exotic dancing and performances regardless of your current experience.
The luxury Tabledance Club in Munich gets the best ratings and is going to be the best place in the World of best-payed dance-jobs in coming few months, as it going to be very hot there during the Octoberfest 2017.

Currently, this is the best tabledace club in Munich that has given our girls good-paid dance-jobs and opportunity to work on Octoberfest , where the richest men from all over Europe come.  This club has a very good reputation and is famous for unbelievable champagne parties and frequently visited by many wealthy people, especially on Octoberfest.  The club has a VIP Area where exotic dancers entertain the customers more intimately. The club was started in 1997 and is well-known in Munich, Germany, as the most luxurious, glamorous and desirable striptease and Tabledance Club.

Don’t miss a super chance to work in luxus Tabledance Club in the heart of Munich on Octoberfest and get super payed dance-job!


Exotic Dancers Agency

About SweetBerry exotic dancers Agency

The globally respected SweetBerry pole dance and exotic dancers Agency has some unique and exciting opportunities in many sophisticated locations for young, ambitious girls. The Dance Agency wants to develop your career and has lucrative and fulfilling openings in striptease, lap or pole dancing. There are many other dance jobs available internationally, no matter what your level of experience.

Job opportunities

The choice of work that is available is vast, and it is, therefore, a question of what location suits your taste. Whether it is a strip club in Germany, a table dance in Munich or somewhere more exotic, it is always up to you. There are worldwide dance and striptease jobs in some of the most exclusive clubs on the planet waiting for you. With the SweetBerry dance agency, you can be assured that you are working, not only in some fantastic destinations, but also that your employment is legal, safe and secure.

It’s not all work, as a dancer with the SweetBerry strip agency, because all of our dancers have time to relax in some of the most exclusive locations most people only dream of visiting. Every club listed for dance jobs has been checked by our management agency, to ensure your stay is 100 per cent enjoyable. The best part of working for SweetBerry exotic dancers Agency is that you can choose when and where you wish to work.

strip pole exotic dance agency

Terms and Conditions

The agency service for dancers is free of charge, which means that when you work as a pole or striptease dancer, you don’t have to pay a penny for the package that we provide. The clubs will pay your salary, and you will be working under an exclusive SweetBerry international contract. The services that we provide are private and discreet. There will never be an occasion when your details will be given out or shared with a third party. Confidentiality for our dancers is guaranteed on our secure computer servers.

With every contract that you sign for any of the agency’s international dance jobs, you can rest assured that you will be legally employed under a contract. It comes without saying that with the exclusivity of our network of clubs, that our dancers’ salary is first rate. Top quality accommodation is provided for every job, and the SweetBerry exotic and strip dancers agency offers support throughout your term of employment.

Whatever you level of dance skills, if you are ambitious, self-motivated and would like a career that pays you to visit jet-setting locations, then we want to hear from you.

Good-payed dancer-job
Our girls are happy to work under SweetBerry exclusive contract

Germany – Table-dance / Striptease Club in Munich

Make your career with us! Striptease Club in Munich

One of the most sophisticated gentlemen’s clubs in Munich, located in the heart of the city. Here we pride ourselves with great stage shows, striptease and pole dancers and charming music. We provide a special intimate VIP’s Area for our customers as well. Our first club appeared in 1997 and still have a reputation of the most glamorous and luxurious table-dance-club in Munich, where pass their time the most influential and wealthy people all over Europe. We need striptease and poe-dancers  in our Team and always glad to see new faces!

In turn, we provide an opportunity to earn in between 1000 – 3000 euro/week.

Club’s working Time:

  • Sunday-Wednesday: 21.00-06.00;
  • Thursday: 21.00-07.00;
  • Friday-Saturday: 21.00-08.00;

Fixed daily Salary:

  • Sunday till Wednesday – 40€ per working day; very strong days Thursday till Saturday – none;
  • Models can keep all cash tips received from clients;
  • All Payments models receive on the next working-day;

Earnings from Drinks:

  • Each Model earns 32,5% from Champagne-sale, when a client pays cash;
  • 22,5% when a client pays with a credit card;
  • Price-list from 240€ to 8000€;

Earnings from Private-Dances:

  • Models receive 50% from private-dance;
  • Private-dance costs 50€, a model gets 25€;
  • Private-dance lasts 10min;
well-payed dance-jobs
The best dance-jobs at SweetBerry exotic dancers Agency
 Plus! You get a regular German employment contract.
–          That includes when you work in our club, your salary is net and the taxes are already paid by us!
–          You have German social insurance including:
–          health insurance ( you can go for free to the doctor, medicine and so on)
–          pension insurance ( you get money when you retire from work, also when you live outside of Germany)
–          care insurance ( if you have an accident or get really ill and you need care personal)
–          accident insurance
–          unemployment insurance


If you want you can live in our Model apartment. Costs: 10 EUR rent per day (you only pay the workdays when you get a fixed salary). For example, you work Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday you pay for the week only 20 Euro (Monday, Tuesday)
We can help you with the following:
–         Working papers: 85 EUR
–          Registration:        free


Each model should take travel expenses by herself;


  • Models one by one come on the stage with their dance show, which lasts 3-5 minutes.
  • For this they earn Tabledance-dollars. Each dollar equals 0,5 euro income.
  • Each Model should perform stage-show about 8-10 times per night;
  • Models must show striptease on the stage, at the end of the dance in the last seconds they must be fully nude.


–          text us, whatsapp, viber: +49 17684171608, call us: +4915774904504 email: cameliasurf@gmail.com
–          send us: Nationality, age, experience, wanted working period, pictures (natural)
–          2 working days will be probation time (check)
–          If you and we agree, then first working period will be between 2 and 4 weeks.
We hope to hear from you soon

Dance Job of your dream with SweetBerry!

Dance Job

It’s not all work, as a dancer with the SweetBerry exotic dancers agency, because all of our dancers have time to relax in some of the most exclusive locations most people only dream of visiting. Every club listed for dance jobs has been checked by our management agency, to ensure your stay is 100 per cent enjoyable! Make fascinating dance job with SweetBerry Dance!

Striptease and pole dancing woman
Dream job as a dancer with SweetBerry exotic dancers Agency

Make your career with SweetBerry dance agency!

Welcome to SweetBerry Agency! We provide a unique and exciting opportunities in many exotic striptease-clubs and table-dances for young, ambitious girls! The dance agency wants to develop your career and has lucrative and fulfilling openings in striptease and lap or pole dancing.