Unique dance-jobs on Octoberfest 2017 in top Clubs

Dance-Jobs on Octoberfest
Champagner party in the best Tabledance Club Munich

Exotic dance-jobs on Octoberfest 2017 in the best Tabledance Club Munich

It’s hard to get  dance-jobs on Octoberfest  in any of the luxurious clubs; however, our Exotic Dancers Agency will give you the contract and chance to earn a great salary this season. The tabledace clubs of Munich are crowded with wealthy people from all over the world on Octoberfest. Champagner Parties start after a common Festival at about 10 p.m. and last all night long till the morning. Its hard to imagine, but the guests of tabledance clubs during the Octoberfest are queue up to get the lap-dance or moreover a separe-lounge. Thats why usually all Octoberfests‘ lists are already complete and overcrowded by dancer, and only our Agency has special contacts to promote you as a dancer during this period and help to get super dance-jobs!

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SweetBerry Exotic Dancers Recruitment Agency

Are you a bold, beautiful and ambitious woman who is able to do a pole dance, striptease or lap dances? SweetBerry Exotic Dancers Agency will give you an opportunity to display your dance and earn from it handsomely.
Our Agency is a globally recognized group that offers the best girls to champagne party and clubs visited by rich and respected men. We give you the opportunity to work in the best Tabledance Clubs in Europe and beyond and in the process secure a good payed job. Our aim is to develop your dance job in all fields of exotic dancing and performances regardless of your current experience.
The luxury Tabledance Club in Munich gets the best ratings and is going to be the best place in the World of best-payed dance-jobs in coming few months, as it going to be very hot there during the Octoberfest 2017.

Currently, this is the best tabledace club in Munich that has given our girls good-paid dance-jobs and opportunity to work on Octoberfest , where the richest men from all over Europe come.  This club has a very good reputation and is famous for unbelievable champagne parties and frequently visited by many wealthy people, especially on Octoberfest.  The club has a VIP Area where exotic dancers entertain the customers more intimately. The club was started in 1997 and is well-known in Munich, Germany, as the most luxurious, glamorous and desirable striptease and Tabledance Club.

Don’t miss a super chance to work in luxus Tabledance Club in the heart of Munich on Octoberfest and get super payed dance-job!